Sheep Shepherd

Traditions are cherished and respected on our estate, the animals are Finnish indigenous breeds: Finnsheep, Finnish Kainuu´s grey sheep, country chickens and a rooster. The sheep have an important role as "therapy sheep" and also as gene bank sheep.

Spend relaxing time with the sheep and enjoy the beautiful landscape as a sheep shepherd.

Sheep Shepherd holiday is possible to book from July to August. 

Shepherd´s tasks:

  • chatting and petting the sheep to keep them domesticated

  • checking the general condition of the sheep

  • inspection of fences

  • keeping a sheep diary

  • if desired, also feeding chickens and collecting eggs

  • relaxing
  • Sheep shepreds are staying at Aurora Cottage Onnela, located on a private lakefront in the immediate vicinity of Saariniemi estate.