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The joys of a winter’s day

Fun times in the snow with lunch in our Lapland farmhouse

What do we do?

Upon arriving at Lapland Deluxe, we’ll show you around the estate and share stories of its fascinating historical chapters.

After the introduction, we’ll start on a snowshoeing excursion on the frozen Lake Vanttausjärvi that’s basically an extension of our estate in the winter. On the way back to the farmhouse we’ll light a fire together and roast snacks around it. Before going inside, we’ll have a good laugh tobogganing and trying out a popular form of winter transport in Lapland, the kicksled.

You can also try ice fishing if you like – the best time is in March–April. On the lake, a hole must be drilled through the ice for fishing – we’ll show you how to use the ice drill. Then we’ll lower our bait under the ice, sit on camping stools and enjoy the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of Lapland’s winter nature while waiting to catch some fish.

You’ll be safely guided during all activities. Throughout your time with us, we’ll gladly tell you stories and share information on nature, our way of life and the history of the farmhouse and the estate.You’re our guest and we’re here for you.

Interested in this experience? Please contact us!

What do we eat?

We serve lunch at the long table in our old farmhouse sitting room. Main dish options:

- Old Lapland Fellow’s soup (reindeer and vegetables)
- Creamy salmon soup
- Sautéed reindeer with mashed potatoes
- Casserole with salmon and vegetable

Served with traditional flat bread, alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks. For dessert, we offer coffee/tea with pastry.

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What’s included?

- Professional guide
- Outdoor clothing and gear
- Snowshoes and poles
- Ice fishing equipment (March-April)
- Toboggans
- Kicksleds
- Transportation

How do we get there and what time?

The drive from Rovaniemi city centre to Lake Vanttausjärvi and Lapland Deluxe takes around one hour in our minibus. We’ll pick you up from your accommodation in the Rovaniemi city area in the morning and have you back in the city by the evening. The detailed schedule will be adjusted per your wishes.

Lapland Deluxe

Saariniementie 131
FI-97625 Vanttauskoski
Lapland, Finland

Tel: +358 40 590 7290

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