Video: © Digi- ja Mainostoimisto Höyry / Toni Eskelinen

Nightless nights and beautiful nature.

Summmer at the Arctic Circle is worth experiencing. You can for instance swim at the clean lake Vanttausjärvi, fish and row a boat, heat up the sauna and just relax. At the end of the summer it is time to pick berries and our private peninsula is a perfect place to do that.

Spend relaxing time and enjoy the beautiful landscape

Traditions are cherished and respected on the estate, the animals are Finnish indigenous breeds: Finnsheep, Finnish Kainuu´s grey sheep, country chickens and a rooster. The sheep of the estate have an important role as "therapy sheep" and also as gene bank sheep. During your stay you can spend relaxing time with our sheep, we are happy to guide you.

There are 2 accommodations from which to choose from: Log GranaryAurora Cottage Otsola or Ainola Holiday Home.

Log Granary

Log Granary (Ranta-aitta) in the lakefront has an authentic 1860s feel. It has accommodation for two persons. There is a composting toilet outside and a sauna by the lake for the guests.

Price: 50€/night/ 1-2 persons.

Extra cost: Bed linen made in beds and towels 25€/person.