Arctic Nature Adventure

-The detailed schedule will be adjusted per your wishes.

Walk on frozen lake Vanttausjärvi under the starry arctic sky, build a fire, enjoy log sauna and a farmhouse dinner

What do we do?

Upon arriving at Lapland Deluxe, we'll show you around the estate and share stories of its fascinating historical chapters.

After the introduction, we'll strap on snowshoes and head out on the frozen Lake Vanttausjärvi right outside our door. The excursion is carried out in a quiet pace to leave room for thoughts and feelings under the glittering arctic sky.

We'll take it easy and enjoy the white stillness and breathe the clean, fresh winter air. And who knows, if we're lucky, we might even see the Northern Lights! The Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon which we can´t control, therefore there are no quarantees for them to always been seen. Sometimes they are brighter and can be easily seen, and their visibility depends on many factors, such as space weather and cloudiness. So, when you see the Northern Lights it is a unique experience.

Back on land, we'll build a fire together; in case you're not familiar with the activity, we're happy to show you how it's done. Once we get it going, we'll roast snacks and enjoy conversation - or just sit still and relax staring at the fire and listening to the silent nature around us.

You'll be safely guided during all activities. Throughout your time with us, we'll gladly tell you stories and share information on nature, our way of life and the history of the farmhouse and the estate.

What´s included?

- Professional guide
- Outdoor clothing and gear
- Snowshoes and poles
- Hot drink and snacks

Price: 1-3 persons/300€, extra person 50€

Maximum 10 persons

Duration: 2 hours

Time: at 17:00 every day

Available: from November to April

Transportation to Lapland Deluxe is not included in the price

Sauna is a must.

When in Finland, sauna is a must. We'll instruct you on heating our traditional log sauna. Once its ready, you get to enjoy its cleansing heat. You'll also have a unique chance to contrast the heat of sauna with swimming in the snow!

What's included?

- Private use of traditional lakeside wood-heated log sauna
- Seat covers
- Towels
- Fresh drink and snacks
- Guidence

Price: 200€/1-2 persons, extra person 20€

Available: from Jaruary to December

What do we eat?

We serve dinner for you at the long table in our authentic historical log house. Menu options:

Menu 1

Sautéed reindeer with mashed local potatoes


Pickled cucumbers

Traditional Lappish flat bread

Table spread

Dessert: Oven heated Finnish squeaky cheese with cloudberries, cream and brown sugar 

Drinks: water, berry juice

Coffee/tea with traditional local pastry

Menu 2

Old Lapland Fellow's soup (reindeer meat, vegetables, cream, cheese)

Traditional Lappish flat bread

Table spread

Dessert: Creamy quark with self picked berries

Drinks: water, berry juice

Coffee/tea with traditional local pastry

Price: 500€/1-5 persons, extra person 50€ /menu

Maximum 15 persons

Duration: 1,5-2 hours

Extra cost:  alcoholic drinks (house wine, beer)

Transportation to Lapland Deluxe is not included in the price